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Accept Bitcoin Payments

Accept Bitcoin payments on your website or direct from your customers.

Do you prohibit anyone from using the service?

No way. All human beings (and most apes) are allowed to use CoinChimp. Doesn't matter your age, gender, country, or even whether you walk upright.

Simple and Easy to Use

We designed CoinChimp to be extremely easy to use. No geekiness required. Even a monkey could do it!

Do You Provide an API?

Our API is fully-featured and powerful, yet extremely easy to integrate with your website. So the answer is yes!

Can I Receive Payments Even If I Don't Have a Website?

Absolutely. Receive payments from anyone at anytime for any reason. Yeah.

What Are Your Selling Limits?

The sky is the limit, baby.

Can I Invoice My Customers?

You can automatically generate an email invoice that gets sent directly to your customers.

What About Mobile Phone Payments?

Yeah, that's no problem. Your customer can simply scan the QR code in your account to instantly pay you by mobile phone.

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