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Affiliate Program

Earn a Longterm Residual Bitcoin Income!

How Does It Work?

We pay you 30% of all fees collected from people you refer to CoinChimp.

How Much Do You Pay?

We pay 30% of fees (withdrawal fees, transfer fees, etc) and 0.07btc for each debit card purchased by your referrals.

How Do I Collect My Commissions?

Commissions deposit instantly to your CoinChimp account when we collect a fee from your referral.

How Long Does It Take to Get Paid?

You can withdraw your commissions instantly when they hit your account. There is no waiting period, no hold period, nothing.

What Promotion Methods Can I use?

Basically anything except for spam email, viruses, and blatantly illegal stuff that will get us in trouble or affect our hosting. Forum posting, ppc, classified ads, popups, popunders, etc are all ok.

What Kind of Campaigns/Stats Do You Provide?

We offer advanced, real-time stats tracking and campaigns. You can easily grab a quick referral link, or create campaigns to track where your referrals are coming from. Stats display hits in realtime.

How Do I Get Started?

First you need to sign up for CoinChimp. Don't worry, it's free. Then log in and click on the Affiliate Menu. To create a campaign, click on Campaigns. It's easy. Even a chimp could figure it out.


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