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Anonymous Bitcoin Exchange

Buy and Sell Bitcoin Anonymously - No Documents Required

Do you require ID or personal documents?

No. Never. Not under any circumstances.

Why Anonymous?

Because we believe you should enjoy total financial privacy when using Bitcoin.

Why Should I Never Upload ID and Docs Online?

Because identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the world. When you send your documents and ID to an online company, you run the risk of the company's server being hacked and the hackers selling your documents to ID theives. Also, a rogue employee of the company may use your documents for ID theft and fraud.

What other anonymous exchanges exist?

CoinChimp is the only legitimate anonymous Bitcoin exchange.

If you don't collect ID, how do you know I own the account?

If you know the password and security answers, you own the account. Accounts are not attached to real names.

What if I am under 18 or from a prohibited country?

There are no age or country restrictions whatsoever for using CoinChimp.



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