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Bitcoin ATM Card

Withdraw Cash From ATM Machines Worldwide

How Does It Work?

We send you a Bitcoin ATM card that you can use to withdraw your CoinChimp Bitcoin balance in your local currency at ATM machines worldwide.

Does The Debit Card Work Everywhere?

Everywhere on this planet, yes.

How Long Does It Take to Fund The Card?

Up to 24hrs - usually faster. Except on weekends!

What's the Cost of the Card?

It's free, sort of. The issuance fee is 0.25 btc but this is refunded if you withdraw $3500 through the card.

What About Fees?

Transaction fees are $1.50 when you withdraw cash at the ATM. The conversion fee from BTC to USD varies from 7% to 8%.

What Docs Are Required to Get the Card?

The cards are anonymous. No documents are required, no ID verification. No bullshit!

What's the limit?

The limit is roughly $160 USD per day (120 euros), or the equivalent in your local currency.

That's not a high enough limit for me. What can I do to raise it up?

You can order multiple cards - as many as you want! 10 cards = $1600 USD daily limit!

Does It Work at POS (Point of Sale)?

Yes. The limit is $1000 USD for POS transactions.

Does It Work Online?

Probably not. Most websites use AVS/name verification, and the card has no name or address associated with it. It is meant to be used at ATM machines and points of sale. We do offer virtual Visas for online use.


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Bitcoin Debit Card