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Bitcoin Exchange

Buy and Sell Bitcoins Easily - No Computer Skills Required!

How can I buy and sell Bitcoins?

Simply make a free CoinChimp account, log in, and click Buy BTC

Do I need to be computer-savvy to buy and sell Bitcoins?

No, even a chimp can do it! If you can use a laptop, then you can buy and sell Bitcoins on CoinChimp. The interface is very easy and intuitive.

Why should I use CoinChimp instead of CoinBase or Circle?

Plenty of reasons: anonymity, security, ease-of-use, flexibility.

How do I sell Bitcoins?

Simply log into your account and click on SELL BTC.

Is CoinChimp a secure Bitcoin wallet?

Absolutely, all coins are held offline in cold storage. You can also securely store your coins at

How long does it take to buy Bitcoins?

This depends on the payment method you choose, but usually under 24 hours.



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