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Bitcoin Exchange

Buy and Sell Bitcoins Easily - No Computer Skills Required!

How can I buy and sell Bitcoins?

Simply make a free CoinChimp account, log in, and click Buy BTC

Do I need to be computer-savvy to buy and sell Bitcoins?

No, even a chimp can do it! If you can use a laptop, then you can buy and sell Bitcoins on CoinChimp. The interface is very easy and intuitive.

Why should I use CoinChimp instead of CoinBase or Circle?

Plenty of reasons: anonymity, security, ease-of-use, flexibility.

How do I sell Bitcoins?

Simply log into your account and click on SELL BTC.

Is CoinChimp a secure Bitcoin wallet?

Absolutely, all coins are held offline in cold storage. You can also securely store your coins at https://BitArmored.com

How long does it take to buy Bitcoins?

This depends on the payment method you choose, but usually under 24 hours.



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