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Convert Bitcoin to Paypal

Bitcoin to Paypal Conversion Exchange

Are you looking for a way to convert Bitcoin to Paypal?

Converting Bitcoin to Paypal is quick and easy using CoinChimp.

How to I exchange Bitcoin for Paypal?

Easy. Just add Bitcoin to your CoinChimp account, then click on 'Sell BTC' and choose the Paypal option.

How long does it take to convert Bitcoin to Paypal?

The exchange conversion takes one to two hours.

Can I convert my Bitcoin to Paypal but send to someone else's Paypal account (to send to a friend, pay an invoice, etc)?

Yes, we can send Paypal to anyone's account.

What are your limits for the Bitcoin Paypal exchange?

Limits vary and are stated on the Sell BTC page, but practically speaking there are no limits.

What are the fees?

Fees can vary, check the Sell BTC page. Fee is usually around 6 or 7% fo converting Bitcoins to Paypal

Can you convert Paypal into Bitcoin?

Unfortunately this we cannot do!

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