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Why use CoinChimp instead of BTC-E, CaVirtex or CoinBase?

Large Bitcoin exchanges such as BitStamp, CaVirtex, CoinBase and others collect personal information about you. They will report your Bitcoin holdings and earnings to the IRS, FinCEN and most likely the NSA. If you are a US citizen and fail to report your Bitcoin holdings on your tax returns, you will be audited by the IRS - or worse. If your government bans Bitcoin (as the US government has banned gold in the past and as Russia has currently banned Bitcoin) then your government will know that you own Bitcoin and attempt to confiscate it from you. This is why it always recommended to use an anonymous exchange like CoinChimp.com

Identity Theft is the Fastest Growing Crime in the World

Websites like CoinBase, CaVirtex, BitStamp and BTC-E which collect your private information are often hacked. This means that your private information is vulnerable to hackers, who may use it to commit crime under your identity, obtain credit cards under your name, and commit various forms of identity theft using your documents. You should never upload your ID or bank statement or even proof-of-address to ANY company online.

How can I trust you?

How can you trust any Bitcoin exchange? You can't. Even the biggest (MtGox) turned out to be a Ponzi scheme. We recommend you withdraw your Bitcoins to an external wallet like Electrum so you never need to trust us to hold large amounts of your coins. Nevertheless, we have no incentive to steal your Bitcoin, as we run 50+ other Bitcoin sites such as BitPlastic.com, BitLaunder.com, BitArmored.com, BitSweeps.com, and more. We earn more on fees than we would from theft. That's just basic classical economics. Scammers don't last long in the Bitcoin ecosystem.



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