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Got a question?

Who can use CoinChimp?

Anyone, including US citizens. No age or country restrictions apply.

What are your verification/documentation policies?

NO VERIFICATION will ever be requested from CoinChimp users. In fact, we don't even need your name, address or phone number. An email, username and password is all you need to use CoinChimp.

Why use CoinChimp over one of the older exchanges?

We're an anonymous, hassle-free exchange which anyone can use. We are MUCH safer than the other exchanges, each of which has spawned a huge list of horror stories from disgrunted customers. And we're FAST - we deliver your Bitcoins faster than any other exchange.

What volume limitations exist?

There are no volume limits. Trade to your heart's content.

Do you report my trading income, bitcoin holdings, or currency exchange income to any government agency?

Absolutely, positively not.



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