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Secure Online Bitcoin Wallet

Protect your Bitcoins with Cold Storage ...

What makes CoinChimp so secure?

The Chimp holds your Bitcoins in offline cold storage.  If the Chimp gets hacked, no coins are lost.  Other exchanges are extremely vulnerable to hacking and theft.  Not the chimp.

What if I need to spend my Bitcoin?

Withdrawals take a little longer because your coins are sent directly from cold storage to their destination (your offline wallet, or some other wallet).  Withdrawals usually take 1-2 hours, which is not long considering the security it guarantees you.  There is no way for a hacker to steal your coins on the server, because the coins are not stored on the server at all.

What if my account gets hacked?

You should use a secure, random password to protect your account from getting hacked. Also, you should configure two-factor authentication, so that even if someone gets into your CoinChimp account, they won't be able to spend your coins. Whew.

What if CoinChimp itself gets hacked?

Again, this is more of an inconvenience than anything else.  Coins are not stored on the server, so there is no serious damage that can be done, and no financial loss to our clients.



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